Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing focused on the art of daily living.   Tailored to your unique constitution, the practice of ayurveda will provide you with the recipe to feel your strongest, and most balanced, filled with vital energy.

Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga and literally translates as the “science of life”.  In Ayurveda takes the view that no part of your life is an island.  Only when you approach your health by recognizing the role of emotions, relationships, career and lifestyle, can you truly create balance and harmony physically, mentally and spiritually.  Rather than considering aspects of your life in isolation, Ayurveda looks at them in relationship to each other.  The result is a science of living which helps you develop a road map to your own health and happiness.

Upon booking an appointment, you will receive an email with some initial questions about your situation and goals for treatment. The answers you send will help me to prepare for our meeting. When we sit down together for a consultation, I will endeavour to gather as much information as possible about your situation, what is feeling good, what you would like to change or improve, your lifestyle, your career, and your goals. In response to that information, you will receive guidance on your daily schedule, your diet, cleansing practices, yoga asana, breath work, meditation practices, and other holistic ways to better balance your daily life. After our consultation you will receive a follow up email containing a written treatment plan, which may include extra information such as recipes, or special instructions if needed.

Follow up sessions are available, when you feel they are needed to help keep you on track, and to adjust the treatment plan as we discover how it is working for you.

Consultation Fees
Initial consultation (up to 90mins) £60
Follow up sessions (up to 60 mins) £48